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Play Therapy

What Is Play Therapy:

  • Play therapy is a form of counselling that therapeutically engages the power of play in a safe and unthreatening environment and provides an opportunity for the child to communicate and express emotions, feelings, experiences and behaviour and therefore resolves internal conflicts and undesirable behaviour.
  • Play therapy uses the therapeutic powers of play to help children prevent or resolve internal conflicts and achieve optimal growth and development.
  • A play therapist facilitates a client playing with toys to determine the cause of the disturbed/ undesirable behaviour or unspoken need.   
  • The play therapist is accepting, non-judgemental, present and engaging.
  • Children will engage in play behaviour in order to work through their internal conflicts and anxieties without realizing it. In this way, play therapy can be used as an awareness creating mechanism.
  • From a developmental point of view, play has been determined to be an essential component of healthy child development.
  • Play therapy uses play to tap into the child’s world and manner of communication.
  • The aim is to establish a trusting relationship with the child whereby the child is able to disclose and explore their emotions freely and without judgment.